Bangalore – A Home away from Home

Its almost a year now since I have moved to this city. Bangalore or Bengaluru as its now known as has been nothing but as loving as possible. Though the past year has flashed by me like nothing, it has been a treat altogether.

Life here is different…it doesn’t stop even for a second. Everyone here is so damn busy!! Work takes the center stage as everywhere u look people are busy working with something or the other. The pace at which things move here is overwhelming.

Even though I hail from another metropolitan city, Bangalore (as I like to call it and so does other Bangaloreans I have met) has been a place where things get done in a matter of minutes.

Weather – Much has been said about the wonderful weather Bangalore has,so lets not go on again and again.

People – now that’s something which has made me realize how beautiful and caring the city is. People here are ready to help you just need to ask for it.

Life – It has been nothing but hectic.. work work and more work. If you are a workaholic, Bangalore is a place for you. Apart from that Bangalore provides you with a lot of places to chill and socialize. Outings at places like Guhantara, PlayArena, lets you de-stress and enjoy with friends and do fun-filled activities.

Enough for now..will be adding to this as time passes..

Lastly, a feeling that I that I have for Bangalore is “Gratitude”..Thank you so much for all that you have given and please be like this always..


The new lets you dig deeper into ideas and see your influence on how they spread

This is amazing.. đŸ™‚ TED is truly a huge source of knowledge..!!

TED Blog

launch Today on , you’ll notice some changes. That’s because we have launched our first major redesign since the site debuted in 2007, back when online video was just a twinkle in the Internet’s eye. You might notice that this redesign responds to the things that you, the TED community, have told us on repeat. First: You need TED to be as easy to use on your mobile or tablet as it is on your computer. Second: When you watch a talk that grabs you, you want to do something, whether it’s taking action or learning more. Finally: You want the TED experience to be far more personalized, in ways that directly support your viewing patterns.

There’s lots to discover on the new — created in collaboration with design partner Huge — but here are a few places to begin exploring.* (Be in touch with us via to…

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